Medas Botanics Skincare is a natural skincare brand focused on enhancing the natural skin tone with science backed safe natural ingredients that has been proven to work

Thanks to her background in Botany and of extensive research and formulating with plant extracts and concentrate, Medas Botanics CEO distinctly understands and utilizes each plant or ingredient’s unique biology, and formulates based on that knowledge.

“It isn’t about adding a bunch of ingredients together and saying they work. It’s about deeply knowing each ingredient–”

But what it works well with, what it doesn’t–and how to best deliver that targeted nutrition into the skin. At MEDAS BOTANICS, we offers a bounty of fresh, skin-nourishing well formulated products that will rejuvenate, brighten, lighten, polish, and protect your skin without the use of toxic chemicals.

From cleansers to clay masks, each ingredient we use rejuvenates, nourishes and radiates, taking your skin back to its purest and most natural state. With medas Botanics, nature’s best weapons work together with holistic technology to bring you the ultimate blends for beauty.

Our Key Ingredients

We use the finest and purest botanical ingredients from around the world to produce chemical and toxin-free body products. Natural ingredients like green tea, bearberry, licorice root extracts, carrot, lavender buds, mulberry, camwood, Rice milk, rose, papaya, aloe vera, cucumber, watermelon, and other organic botanical extracts give our products the power to truly rejuvenate, nourish and radiate your skin. The ingredients used in our products are a testament to our belief in the power of nature.

Using only natural, pure ingredients , raw plant and fruit extracts, our skin care range is completely free of petro-chemicals, mineral oils, alcohol, paraben, hydroquinone, steroids and we do not test on animals.

….Just pure plant extract….