Our Company History

Our founder, Mrs. Gladys O Adurojaiye, is a trained botanist and natural skincare formulator. Fascinated by the power of plants on the skin, she’s been studying them for more than 20 years. The story of Medas Botanics Skincare started in 2006 after discovering the need for safe skin care products that will not compromise the overall health of the skin and at the same time improve and enhance the natural skin glow. She had a lightbulb moment after seeing the life-changing impact plants-derived skincare products had on her skin having suffered severe discolorations from a store-bought skin care product that promised to make her skin better but damaged it instead. Not only was she feeling better and more confident, but her skin was restored and glowing. She began professional learning, formulation and manufacturing of natural, premium alternatives to harsh skin care products.

Medas Botanics is a brand built on the power of high-performance botanical extracts. We believe that the same ingredients which are good for your body are also great for your skin. We focus on being healthy, not perfect & feeling confident in the skin you’re in. Determined to share this true love with the world…MEDAS BOTANICS SKINCARE was born! She developed products using the best & effective natural ingredients (plant butters, oil, botanical extracts and active cosmeceuticals) with healing and therapeutic properties that your skin will love.

Fast forward to today: at MEDAS BOTANICS, we believe that plants extracts are the best way to rejuvenate, nourish and radiate your skin—especially when combined with clean & powerful active ingredients



Medas Botanics is a proudly owned Nigerian skin care company dedicated to creating natural safe skincare products using active botanical ingredients. Our mission is to create skin care products that are as safe for you on the inside as they are to your skin on the outside.

Medas Botanics believes that skin care should be simple and what we put on our skin should work in harmony with what Mother Nature gave us.

We formulate amazing, affordable and effective skin, body and bath care products that make you feel pampered and just downright beautiful. Using only sustainably sourced, naturally harvested botanical ingredients and cosmeceuticals, we incorporate these in advanced formulations for proven results to target specific skincare goals.

Our ingredients are known to brighten, rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate dryness, minimize acne, marks and scarring and restore your skin’s natural radiance. The provenance of our ingredients is very important to us. We choose certified organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and always from leading suppliers. We never include additives, harmful synthetics, mineral oil, sulphates, fillers or any other nasties in our products, just pure goodness for your skin, that doesn’t cost the earth.