This Your Last Bus-Stop To Naturally Brighten & Eliminate Stubborn Skin Problems (Dark Spot, Knuckles, Eye Circle, Acne, Wrinkles) Without Any Side Effect...Even If You Have Sensitive Skin

With Our New 5-Minutes Daily Use SOAP Formula – You’ll be able to Brighten and Glow Your Skin Without Getting It Burnt Or Bleach

Your skin type/complexion is not the problem

If you have ever bought skincare product but instead it made you feel a lot more worse than before, no change and tired of the frustration

It all happened 2 months ago after using one of the popular creams.

2 weeks into using this cream, I notice I started having skin breakouts, rashes, and ugly pimples all over my face.

I was so scared of this and stopped using it, 2 weeks later my face become terrifying to me not just the pimples, some part of my skin appeared darker.

My skin is becoming the opposite of what I want…

This resulted in emotional stress, talks from friends like, “you were trying to bleach and see the result now”

My fiancé was not comfortable with my look, this is turned out to be a regret for trying to have a good appearance and maintain good skin.

I was so ashamed of how I looked, I took selfie every day to know if there is changes when I switched back to my day one body lotion…

There was no positive change until I noticed my knuckle becoming darker…

At this point, I started wearing make-up to reduce what people will say about me.

But I started feeling insecure and uncomfortable.

Then, I took it up as a challenge and started outsourcing for the solution which I was very cautious about it.

I stumbled on this page and found a post explaining how to know skin type and how to repair damaged skin, unlike other pages that are just too eager to sell their products without question.

I tried the tips shared on the post which gave me a little push and I requested a consultation, to know if I can regain my previous skin (I don’t even want the glowing one anymore)

Well, without spending up to the cream that damage my skin and caused me weeks of trouble…

I regain my skin in an amazing style (Glowing and Brighter) dark spots and pimples were cleared in less than 14 days using a Soap that creams my body while I wash.

It requires me to use it twice daily, a total of 5 minutes…

Which was nothing compared to the result I want to get.

At first, I was so so doubtful about it…

But it works for all skin types and even if you have sensitive skin like mine on my first trial.

And the truth is if you’re currently hiding any part of your skin because it doesn’t speak well about you,

and it’s

Lowering your confidence, and self-esteem, this will provide a long-lasting solution to help you regain, brighten and maintain your complexion 

Making it smooth, firm and glowing as you have desired without any side effect…

Based on survey of ladies like you in Nigeria looking for skincare products that will reveal their beauty, boost confidence, earn respect, self-esteem... 80.9% don't find the right product that suit their skin and help them achieve this without any side effect (Guaranteed)


Those Who Have Proved & Tested Our Product

Cleared my severe dark spot and help me brighten my skin on my first trial.

I was scared this is going to make me look so terrible, until my friend told me about Medas Botanics.

I have been struggling with pimples and dark spot month in and out and tired of spending, i was lucky to give another trial with Medas Botanics 

here is the NEW solution if you want to...

Brightens And Get a Natural GLOWING Skin Without any Future Side Effects Using Intense Glow SheaSoap Deluxe Just 5-Minutes Everyday

Intense Glow SheaSoap Deluxe is naturally formulated with RAW Shea Butter which consist of High concentrations of fatty acids, anti-inflammatory and healing properties and vitamins majorly for cleansing, toning, soothing and softening the skin. 

It’s packed with a rich blend of herbal ingredients that can help with the following benefits;

specially made to provide these

5 Benefits of This Time Saving Skincare Routine for YOU...

Brighten your skin and look more GLOWING

The soap contain major ingredient like Kojic Dipalmitate that has the properties of lighten and toning your complexion without any reaction even if you have sensitive skin.

Total Skin Complexion Toning 

It also contain (sym white) an antioxidant derived from Pine tree and is safe to the skin for brighten the skin tone and treat uneven skin tone.

Cleans and shrinks facial skin pores

It cleanse and exfoliate the skin leaving it well cleansed and leaves it radiantly glowing

Relaxes facial skin due to pollution

The intense glow shea soap contain antimicrobial properties that offers skin lightening, treat eczema, and provide anti-aging benefits

Get rid of acne and acne scars on the face

The natural nutrient of the product prevent acne, eliminate any form of acne and reduce oily face so that you can present your face at any office presentation without you need to hold a face cleaner in front of your colleagues and boss

who is for?

Intense Glow Shea Soap is made for those who want...

Naturally eliminate their skin problem, brighten and get a Radiant-Glowing skin without without bleaching or having any skin reaction.

what our past customers are saying

Over 450 ladies who have had problems with their facial skin

Has Proven Itself and Successfully Get Bright and Radaint Glowing Skin Naturally in As little as 14 Days

Disclaimer: The results obtained by each individual may vary due to many factors that influence . The existing testimonials are ORIGINAL and not fabricated and are only used as information and are only for reference.


Now an answer to your problems so far

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If you want to try out this newly invented soap here is how you can without any risk at all; simply go ahead and place an order by clicking on the the button below. Then try it out in the privacy of your room and then look very close at the mirror or take a selfie picture of your self and after using this soap and you don't see any amazing change or not 100% satisfied. Send a DM @medasbotanic and we will completely refund your money without any question been asked.

what will happen

Did you know that not buying Intense Glow Shea Soap Deluxe now will also hurt you?

Let's Celebrate Your Skin...

It's very gentle on the skin, cleanses impurities, clears pimples in just one week that I started using the intense glow, my skin was glowing, lightens up perfectly well and naturally too, also makes the skin feel silky, not dried out and helps my enlarged pores. I really love et



It has very lovely fragrance, beautiful colour and makes d skin feels fresher,tight,smooth and d skin glow is top notch..... Intense glow for d win 👍👍




Frequently asked questions

Can this soap really lighten the skin?​

Yes, but before you start using this new soap, take a selfie of yourself or a close look at the mirror and compare after 14-days

Are there any side effects when using this product?​

100% No side effect, this soap is not the regular soap you have heard of or used before. It's formulated from natural plants without adding any harmful chemical or bleaching substance to it.

Will this soap suit my sensitive skin?​

Yes, this soap is made of skin friendly substance that has ZERO reaction on skin, irrespective of the sensitivity or the complexion.

How long does the delivery take?

Your package is shipped out immediately your order is confirmed, and will take 1-3 days to be delivered to your provided address

How to use the soap for fast result?

Lather in your all over your entire body, wait 5mins before bathing. Use twice daily for best results.


Intense Glow Shea Soap is a newly formulated with natural herbs that will brighten & Lighten your skin without bleaching or burning the skin even if you have sensitive skin type.

Usage: Twice daily (takes 5-minutes)

Medasbotanics guarantee that Intense Glow Shea Soap will give you Bright & Radiant Glowing Skin with ZERO reaction on your skin in as little as 14 days or you will get a refund.

Disclaimer: The results obtained by each individual may vary due to many factors that influence . The existing testimonials are ORIGINAL and not fabricated and are only used as information and are only for reference.


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