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How I Got Back My Glowing Skin After 3-Months - Anita

As 23 years old share painful experience after she got her skin damaged from cream she bought online

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It all happened 2 months ago after using one of the popular creams.

2 weeks into using this cream, I notice I started having skin breakouts, little rashes, and ugly pimples all over my face.

I was so scared of this and stopped using it, 2 weeks later my face become terrifying to me not just the pimples, some part of my skin appeared darker.

My skin is becoming the opposite of what I want…

This resulted in emotional stress, getting talked down from friends and relatives, “you were trying to bleach and see the result now”

My fiancé was not comfortable with my look…

This is turned out to be a regret for trying to have better appearance and maintain my skin.

I was so unhappy of how I looked, I took selfie every day to know if there is changes…

There was no positive change until I noticed some dark circle…

At this point, I started wearing heavy make-up which made me feel so insecure and uncomfortable.

Then, I took it up as a challenge and started outsourcing for a natural solution to avoid another wave of skin reaction.

Well, my sweet cousin helped me by sharing a instagram page with me to go check what they do @Medasbotanics

I stumbled on this page and found a post explaining how to know skin type and how to repair damaged skin, unlike other pages that are just too eager to sell their products without question.

I tried the tips shared on the post which gave me a little push and I requested a consultation, to know if I can regain my previous skin (I don’t even want the glowing one anymore)

Well, without spending up to the cream that damage my skin and caused me weeks of trouble…

I regain my skin in an amazing style (Glowing and Brighter) dark spots and pimples were cleared in less than 14 days using a Soap that creams my body while I wash.

It requires me to use it twice daily, a total of 5 minutes everyday…

Which was nothing compared to the result I want to get.

At first, I was so so doubtful about it…

But it works for all skin types and even if you have sensitive skin like mine on my first trial.

And the truth is if you’re currently hiding any part of your skin because it doesn’t speak well about you, lowering your confidence, and self-esteem.

I’m recommending you to check out the New (Vivid Glow Enhancing Black Soap)

If you want to
brighten and glow your skin without bleaching, that helped me Naturally regain my complexion and eliminate skin discoloration in 17 days of daily use…

You will get a FREE body scrub worth (N5,000) if you order today


PS: But first if your skin is so good that even your fiancé or husband never stop playing with your body because of how smooth and soft it is, then you don’t need to click on the button below.


You have literally changed my life. It repaired my skin and also cleared three year old dark spots on my face. It took about 5 months of consistency but it was definitely worth it. I have my confidence back and I can’t stop showing off my skin

Delta State

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