Clear glow clay mask


detoxify and radiate with this face mask enriched with sandalwood and cacao


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Fight off the appearance of uneven pigmentation with our clear glow clay mask. Made with natural Extracts help brighten skin’s appearance and reduce the appearance of dark spots and the signs of aging.

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Weight 300 g
How To Use

Apply, evenly, over, the, entire, face, as, well, as, the, neck, and, décolleté, areas, if, desired., Allow, mask, to, dry1, 5–20, minutes, then, gently, scrub, off, in, a, circular, motion, with, a, lukewarm, face, cloth., Rinse, thoroughly, with, clean, water.


water, kaolin, clay, cacao, powder, sandalwood, powder, sandalwood, oil, Licorice, Extract, Alpha, hydroxyl, acid, emulsifying, wax, cetyl, alcohol, sodium, benzoate


*Skin, appears, smoother, calmer, and, firmer, *Skin, is, moisturized, and, appears, more, vitalized, *The, appearance, of, dark, spots, are, lightened, *Skin, appears, luminous, and, glowing, *Complexion, appears, bright, and, even, *Results, are, enhanced, when, using, entire, Clear, Glow, Face, kit.


Hyperpigmentation, dull skin


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