Blacksoap Deluxe Tea Tree


Enriched with tea tree essentialoil, this soap bar effectively cleanses the skin while removing dirt and impurities for a nourished natural glow.

Our BlackSoap deluxe is the perfect solution for problem skin, Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, this soap is specially formulated to treat skin imperfections and breakouts without leaving your body feeling irritated and dried out.

Medas Botanics Blacksoap Deluxe Benefits:

▪︎Improves Skin Tone
▪︎Fades Skin Discolorations
▪︎Reduces Inflammation and Skin Irritations
▪︎Helps to Heal Problem Skin
▪︎Has Deep Cleansing Action
▪︎It Alleviates Razor Bumps
▪︎Dissolves oil for smooth balanced skin
▪︎Cleanses and exfoliates the skin
▪︎Non-drying formula

How to Use
Lather in hands or on a washcloth and wash skin and hair.

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